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by ALPHA TORNADO 224 views


Default Avatar Aimee Jones Watson

Man this was a genre I coveted. This film really made me laugh. The use of the puddle was rather inventive although I had questions about the dudes diet as never have I seen this particular substance look that crystal clear...I think the opening scene could have been handled (I swear I'm not trying to use innuendos here) more convincingly as the acting was a bit wooden - oops I did it again.  It would have been good to have a better insight as to why the leads girlfriend was so upset with him or for that conflict to be addressed in a more comical way. The scene where the door severed the lead characters dick while a funny idea did not seem logistically possible and confused me at first. I think the introduction to the dick character could have been stronger but I loved the concept. It cracked me up. That dream sequence was simply brilliant. And when the dick disappeared... Oh man that made me chuckle. I reckon you should develop this idea some more and maybe make another film exploring this territory. I'd certainly love to see more of your work. The guy removing his glasses at the end was a nice touch. This film made me uncomfortable in the right way.

Well, the man has surpassed himself AGAIN. What can I say? You must have been COCK-a-hoop to see the finished result after CUTS in the edit suite. Great interpretation of the puddle at the start and you know what they say, 'When one door closes, another one opens'. We could have witnessed the cliche high-pitched voice post-severance, so I'm glad this didn't eventuate. Your VFX are always very amusing and this year didn't disappoint. 'Ride a Cock Horse' as the old song goes. Excellent work and look forward to more hilarity in COMING years!

Default Avatar Jay Sherman

Is this a new team with a familiar face or a re-branded Tomorrow Today and the world has gone utterly mad giving us two years in a row of coherent, entertaining (and completely depraved) 48 Hours films? A bit of a wobbly start to the piece but once the separation occurs it found its feet and busted out the reckless absurdity with aplomb. If the gross out factor of a seemingly sentient dismemberment were not present, the film might not hold up so well but this is absolutely a team that commits to the deviance and that makes a world of difference. To be honest, that flipping apron was worth the price of admission alone. Best costume in the competition.

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