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Melvin's Missing Flame

by Stampede Tiddlywinks 63 views


In my opinion, this film made the best use of the Wilhelm Scream in Heat 2; it was one of the few that didn't seem as if it was slipped in at the last minute. Telling the story through the medium of puppets was effective, and the result was an engaging, funny film.

Default Avatar Xenia

I really liked the look of this film, the use of puppets added something a bit different to their heat. Unfortunately the story line was weak especially in the middle where not a lot happened. Melvin 'the hero' wasn't really up against anything as there was no antagonist to help move the story along. The artist did however do a really nice job, the puppets were very cute and I thought the narrator was funny.

Really lush stick-puppet film. The colours of the characters and backdrops were really nice - fantastic art direction from this team. Once we're into the story it starts off well but sags a bit - largely because there's not much conflict or resistance to the characters achieving their goal: they go on a walk and aside from one little backtrack they arrive. However the endings of both the fairytale and the framing story are great. I loved the budget Wizard of Oz "you had what you wanted all along" resolution and as someone else said the scream was very well-integrated.

Default Avatar James Brunskill

Really loved the art work and feel of this. The narrator's clothing and setting was a really nice touch, as was the little signs in the shots like "deeper into the woods", "Really bloody deep into the woods" etc I agree with comments about story dragging a little in the middle, but over all was one of my favourites from the heat.

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