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Glasnost 2: Blood Moon

by Toowit Toowoo 45 views


Default Avatar MistaTeas

Following on from the events of the first film, our astronaut & cosmonaut besties find they are not alone on the moon. Toowit Toowoo always have very clean looking animation with decent voice acting supporting the visuals. If I have a criticism of this film it is that it seems to spend a bit too much time recapping the first one - maybe 50 seconds out of its 2:36 run time. I liked the introduction of the new character but that arc seemed to come and go too quick. So, I would have liked more story. Animation is tricky to do at the best of times let alone in the 48 so great to see you still doing well with it!

It’s cool to see this sequel is an improvement over the first film. Having masked characters is a clever way to cut down on animation time and I personally love the movement of spaghetti arms. Works especially well for a space setting. Moon nazis aren’t quite an original idea, but it helped up the stakes and the film didn’t linger. My big criticism is that the lead buddies don’t really try that hard to solve the issue together, something that could have made their friendship sparkle even more, and is instead solved by convenience. But it was a funny end, nonetheless.

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