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Debbie Danglebeef's Revenge

by Meme Teme 99 views


I liked the yarn conspiracy web Go bigger and bolder! Attempting ever more outrageous ideas will make your failures more wonderfully Z grade! I was left wanting to know more... Who was the killer? Why did he hate women? Kudos for creating a movie that caught my interest

Default Avatar KJ

Could really feel the enthusiasm of your team while watching this!! Was a real fun watch with old school effects and a funny concept while conveying female representations. It was just your technical elements that let you down, such as, camera work, sound and editing. Look forward to seeing what you make next time because overall it was a very good watch!!

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Debbie Danglebeef goes on a revenge mission but where to start? DISCLAIMER! This is going to have the feel of a Z-grade review on my part as a really don't remember a whole heap about the story (I feel your angry gaze, Samantha!). So, the film starts and we do get a lot of talking to provide exposition. All in the Z-grade mode I suppose. Likewise the deliberate poor composition & lead delivering lines off camera ticked some similar boxes with a nod & a wink. I thought this short was actually well edited and contained a number of effective match cuts. Do they count as smash cuts? Good direction, steady camerawork and a good crack at this genre. I feel the trick with it is to make it deliberately Z-grade without making it obvious that what you're doing is intentional. Not sure if Meme Teme quite nail that.

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