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Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

A new flatmate arrives and during the night is woken by his flatmates that have gone to war. To me this was the kind of lark I like to see in 48 hours, a good bit of fun with some over the top moments. An interesting climax to the film as well.

Wooooooo! This film was AWESOME. My favourite of the heat, and I'd love to see it make the city finals, and maybe even the grand finals beyond that. What I loved about it was it was so unapologetically bizarre, and it completely works in spite of itself. I can't imagine the script made a lot of sense, and the fact that you guys produced an A+ film out of that is something I admire and greatly envy. Your casting was great, your direction was great, your sets were great. A total package.

Great film. I really loved the community 'paintball' episode vibe. It had some great characters. And some small elements of world building that wanted me to know more. I would have liked a stronger set up for the cookies, perhaps at the beginning with an oven timer. Setting up the mayhem ahead. Great job Very deserving of audience favourite.

Default Avatar Omni-Slash

This was a fun watch! Great cast who had exceptional chemistry, great use of household objects for set design and costuming, and beautifully shot and edited. However, if I was to be overly critical, the film was not cohesive by any stretch - the writing was probably what held this film back from being a candidate to win the entire competition. I think stronger story development would boost this team to one of the best and one to watch. The last 2 minutes seemed rushed and all the character establishment done at the beginning of the film did not come to a neat close. Perhaps this was due to time restrictions or poor scripting management. That being said, my biggest love of this film is it really captured the essence of the competition - serious amateur filmmakers with a good filmic eye, wacky and bizarre, DIY set design... the film was whimsically bizarre and always followed a sympathetic tone so you really can't help but smile at all the characters. This team really knows how to make films, and I will definitely be keeping an eye on what they create in the future with the hope of an improved writing set-up. Well done!!

I really enjoyed this one. Not sure it was dystopian exactly but hey, it was a total blast. The child in me kept laughing on the way home about one of the characters, John. It was genius what they did with him. Easily in my top 3. Great acting, well shot and fantastic props, costumes and set dressing.

Default Avatar videoamp1969

Nice snappy editing and love the couple of quick cut montage scenes with their nice shots and sounds. The acting was strong from the leads and the film looked polished. The ending tied it up nicely. What I felt let it down was a bit of a confusing narrative and almost a mix of too many genres. When it started I instantly was like great comedy, then when they lead went to bed it was like ok now its going to turn into horror, then all of sudden it was si-fi. So personally I found this distracting from the narrative, almost too much going on, it just got a bit silly for me and I just didn't get it. I watched it twice to make sure I didn't miss anything. The Scottish guy was great.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Lots of fun, well made, ambitious, over-the-top madness. I imagine it would have been great to see it at the heats on a large screen. Well cast and acted. Nice work!

Very well made and even though we see heaps of flats and houses in 48Hours, you dressed yours up with significant amounts of effort. It really shows. Tight acting all 'round and the bizarro premise is aided by everyone going fully into it. Some of the humour didn't work for me - partly because of my personal tastes, partly because some of the gags felt dated (especially the largely stereotyped effeminate flatmate). But the only significant hold-up I can say - and this is kinda difficult to express - is that it feels more could have been done with what was set up. I really like the idea of a flatmate being thrown into this mad world, but we don't see much madness actually happen. There's a conversation here and there and the climax rules, but we're not given many situations that show the lunacy each flatty has for getting these cookies. Perhaps it's just a time thing, as 2 extra minutes could've helped get the most out of the concept.

Default Avatar RiverFelix

Not sure what to add here. a good short film with some good humour, and great set design. Maybe there are bits and pieces which could be improved and tweaked like the bit at the beginning where She's showing him around the flat and maybe some of the execution comes off a little flat but hey it's one of the best films I've reviewed so far.

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