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Jour du Biscuit

by 6 Million Bucks 657 views


Sorry not a fan, introducing people for what felt like 3 minutes really made it hard to watch.

Default Avatar filmchick1987

Telling the story from the perspective of a poisoned cookie was highly entertaining. Felt a bit drawn out in places, but got plenty of giggles. Well done guys!

I wish the production could mate the idea here, because the idea is gold. (The sound and lighting is on the lower end, but I get the feeling there was nothing that could be done about that.) Giving life to a sentient killer cookie is entertaining as hell. And yet, dare I say, it feels like we hear too much of him. Having him explain the characters in this Russian roulette game was essential, but I feel we're robbed by not having the spotlight temporarily on each individual. (It's in the "Show, don't tell" ballpark, though in this case it should be "Tell AND show".) When the grand argument goes down, it can feel a bit sudden. Fortunately, the actors play their roles so well that you don't feel at a loss. And although the very end comes almost out of nowhere, it's a good gag to end on. PS - This this a Goddamn beautiful line: "...and amateur racist with professional ambition."

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Told from the POV of a poisoned biscuit looking to bring death to a group of unlikable dinner guests, this short gets a few points for taking an imaginative approach. The biscuit certainly knew a lot about each of the guests though and much of the film is spent introducing the characters and telling us how much they deserve to die. So unless you're a fan of occasionally witty dialogue coming from predominately one voice you may not find much to engage you. The Mexican stand-off is fun and I chortled at the Topher Grace lookalike, but I was also really unsure of why this was all happening and how/why the character turns up at the end. You have to watch the credits to discover his role. Like an essay conclusion that introduces new information it seemed rather tacked on. Technically sound, nicely written but certainly an acquired taste.

Default Avatar RiverFelix

It didn't really work for me. You can sort of see the seed of a good idea but I didn't really think the voice over worked and some of the pacing was a bit off and there were things which didn't really have the right impact to them. Sort of like it's the rough cut rather then the finished film. I sort of wonder if the film would have played better without the narration since they showed the poisoning of the cookie up front though the editing would have to be re-worked and possibly new lines written.

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