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[Heat Review]Pretty hard watch with baffling use of prop, terrible audio and a fight scene that could easily have caused a car crash. Fingers crossed you didn't get in any trouble for that, if I saw a brawl in an overbridge the cops would have been called for sure. The biggest issue though was the inconsistent tone. One second it would go out of it's way to be silly and then it would be dead serious. Dialling up the silliness probably would have worked here, seriousness just didn't work. [Screening Room Review] The extra 2+ minutes of footage help the edit out a lot, it makes more sense and lets the first older bloke really shine. Its not a 48 hour film though(as per the rules it needs to be under 5 minutes long) so I have to stick to my first rating sorry.

Default Avatar cooma

A film that suffered from an identity crisis. It was all over the place from moments of seriousness to the absurd. It was lit quite well and was impressed with the costume department.

Default Avatar DuncanPacey

We went west 48hr clearly has a love of classic crime flicks. "Fleeced" felt Ritchie-esque in where its inspiration may have come from, but sadly it suffered like many a 48Hour movie before it. That is, trying to do far too much in not much time and not having the expertise to pull it off. Advice to the filmmakers: Come back next year, but make something simple. With a smaller concept, you'll have extra time to hone and sharpen your film. This isn't Sundance, its the 48Hour - build a film to suit the challenge.

Default Avatar Jay Sherman

Ambition is great, but it's only a fraction of the equation. This was one of the teams in this heat that tried to create a world that they just didn't have the resources to pull off. Some great costumes were let down by some completely mismatched locations. I just couldn't buy it. The story was hard to follow despite its simplicity and I just kind of zoned out a bit. I too would be interested to know if there was any trouble caused by that fight scene on the overbridge.

Default Avatar Kartini Clarke

There wasn't a really good storyline to it. Most of the time I had no idea what was going on. I have to give you guys points on the fabulous costumes.

Default Avatar Chris Philpott

I think the team write-up goes some way to explaining some of the problems with this one. Better luck next year, team.

Default Avatar blisterella

I enjoyed this film watched it on youtube, not sure what the other reviewers were talking about because it made sense to me and I didn't think it had an identity crisis either, are we watching the same film, I liked the two older guys, it's good to see someone using mature actors

Default Avatar SPUn

Just saw this on Facebook, enjoyed the film, and after seeing these reviews I felt like I need to do one too, as it really wasn't as bad as these reviews are saying. Sure you can see it was done in a rush, but it didn't break down the storyline. Audio seems to have some small issues, but music saves a lot. They even made me grin a bit (yeah, doesn't happen often to me) with the fleece smelling! :)

Default Avatar film addiction

2nd best set of costumes Ive seen, second only to the steam punk film on the night as well, I think overall for the ones in this heat it had a very strong story with good flow, acting was great, one of the better 48hr challenge films Ive seen and don't worry about the members of other teams who clearly marked you down, sorry to see that but bad sportsmanship is everywhere

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