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Snoopy Rupert, Aro P.I.

by Cinema In Decline 510 views


Default Avatar Suavio

As classy as always. One of the problems of being in this heat is coming up against Cinema in Decline each year. This year's film was the complete package for a 48Film - writing, acting, cinematography, sound, editing. Bravo, looking forward to seeing this one again.

One of my favourites of the heat. This had a great lead and some fun gags. It was an enjoyable film to watch but I did feel that while it had a PI it didn't really have a mystery at the heart of it. Just a series of great jokes around a fun and well realised character. Also the freeze frame finish was brilliant. Just would have been nice to see Snoopy Rupert dealing with a real mystery for the main part of the film rather than a set up for the punchline at the end.

Saw this at the finals and really enjoyed it. I loved the humour and style of this team. Well scripted and acted, with cinematography to go with it. Quality film.

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