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Kelly Lingus?

by Daybreak 212 views


Default Avatar Matthew Wright

Bit more imagination used on the sexual positions boys. I'll expect next level Karma Sutra, next year.

Default Avatar OwlH

Really well done, slightly awkward ending. But still best of the heat.

Default Avatar Good.Luck

Thought the film was sensational, by far best in the heat! great job!

Default Avatar old c'ntry

Had a decent set up and one of the best uses of the match-cut (truly repulsive). But overall it was a little overwrought, considering how little content was involved.

Default Avatar Kathy Hughes

This started off really strong and really funny, I loved the premise and there were some great shots in the first sequence. For me though, I think it just sort of went a bit far and didn't really have a very strong ending. Good job though!

Default Avatar LC

You guys clearly have awesome skills when it comes to filmmaking, it was incredibly slick. A real shame the story let you down. Simply sexualising female characters is boring and cringey and offensive. Super disappointing seeing it started so well! Look forward to seeing what else you end up creating, so long as you consider the other half of the population of the world :)

Default Avatar popKORN

Thought it was really well made. Had some pretty great scenes and the music worked really well with the content. Slightly underwhelming ending but otherwise a solid flick. Keep up the good work!

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