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Default Avatar Frank Frankerson

It was Pretty Dank. I thought that the main actor should shave that beard thing though... But if it was part of the character at least that is commitment. But yeah, pretty good. Hope it gets further.Cinematography was smooth, and it looked very professional. Job well done, however I feel like the ending was quite as shocking as it could be, maybe something like a spontaneous musical?

Though it's not the most original concept, this was very nicely done. A lot of the under-the-skin moodiness it evokes is largely due to the reverberating soundtrack - which was excellent. Unfortunately, the lead's performance was too subdued to really draw you into his unusual circumstances. It's also a shame 'Flashes' weren't able to gain access to better audio equipment or utilise a greater sound mix - would have really elevated the piece. And while some shots looked great (including great re-uses of the 'match cut' element), there were other shots that could have served the 'glitch' world more (e.g. the playground scene that lingers with seemingly no purpose). Nevertheless, this short is effective. It might turn some people off, those who "don't get it", but I felt it hit a good midground between exposition and intrigue.

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