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Orb Quest

by Two dollar fifty and a jandal 38 views


Default Avatar Greganki

Best film in the heat by far, I could not stop laughing!

Default Avatar Greganki

Still the best film ever

n.b. I've given this film half a mark less than I otherwise would given its fervent fans one-line reviews. Two friends embark on a quest to find and recover an exercise ball. I really enjoyed this film, Superbad meets The Lord of the Rings. The main character had great energy and drive, with some genuinely funny throwaway lines. The plot was also well engineered while still being quirky. Little touches worked well too, like the custom-built website. The ending to this film was a little weak (you don't have to film somewhere dark for it to come off as dark onscreen) with in hard to see the characters executing a not-so-elaborate plan. Overall this speaks to the strength of the rest of the film though.

A film that really got into the spirit of the competition. Some of the footage was out of focus and wonkily composed, but that didn't really detract at all because the leads were obviously having so much fun and the quirky, twisty-turny plot was funny from start to finish. The lines delivered to camera, the website made from scratch and the use of several locations made this an energetic film with a playfulness that was really refreshing. Not the most technically adept film of the heat, but the most fun to watch. Really cool work guys.

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