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Nobody Looks Like Their Profile Picture

by Undercover Monkey Patrol 206 views


Default Avatar pinkelephant

Brilliant film. I wasn't too sure how it was a race against the clock film as it seemed as though it was a hybrid rom-com and mistaken identity film and if that was the given genre your score would potentially be a nine or ten. Great acting on behalf of the lead male and in my opinion was best of the heat (also helped by the commitment you displayed!!!! shaving your luxurious beard?? Thats dedication). Was very funny throughout and loved the ending (although was predictable). Our team actually got rom-com and we had a similar script in mine for ours but didn't go ahead with it but I'm glad someone made a film like this. I really liked it and it turned out fantastic. Top notch cinematography and editing as well. Applause all round.

Nice idea with this story and some really sweet comedy. Enjoyed the first computer scenes of the internet flirting, and loved the main guy transforming himself into Red for Bed. I didn't realise at all that this was a race-against-the-clock film though, so not sure if the genre could consider itself nailed. Liked the clumsy characterisation of the lead female. In the end I was pleased the protagonist failed, thinking that he didn't deserve the win he was after. I enjoyed watching him, though. The lead actress was really fun.

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