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The Twins

by Kepler Creative 177 views


This movie had a strong storyline and the ending - while 'shocking' to only a small percentage of the audience - was still nicely presented (especially the Tim Tams). It fitted a lot of information in, and had some snappy dialogue. Having two people with American (Canadian?) accents was a bit confusing, and you probably should have set it in the USA rather than using NZ Police stuff on the noticeboard. Just a stylistic observation. Solid movie, well presented.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A couple of cops investigate a crime that has all the tell-tale signs of being committed by "The Twins." There was some good banter in this between the leads and the required line was used well. However, the film was also a bit too talky and there was a bit too much telling, rather than showing. Scenes were well lit and there were some nicely composed shots. There was also a lot of background and/or camera noise which was rather distracting. I loved the recap of events at the end - a real highlight of the film. Overall, a solid effort - well played!

This started well and carried it through to almost the end. It was well made and entertaining, but the ending, the identity of the murderer, was either extremely unlikely, or I missed something (which is entirely possible!). It certainly was a shock ending, but a shame because the rest of the film was great, and was building well. The acting was also good.

Some of what I enjoyed: Nice camera work/composition and a lot of good lighting, too. Great sequence when the dude is calling and having flashbacks. Good effort!

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