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The Ball Thief

by Four Way 149 views


Default Avatar Regan Walton

This movie is awesome because, it made me laugh so much.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A couple of kids go back in time to steal Hitler's testicle. Yes, you read that correctly. This was film was animated film that used nicely rendered 2D digital animation with basic pencil sketches. It had nice touches of humour but not necessarily much of a story that made any great sense. Nice work!

Some of what I enjoyed: Really cool animation style, though it was weird having the two animation styles co-existing. Pretty incredible that you guys used Hitler's balls at all, but unfrigginbelievable that you would have a kid eat Hitler's balls at the end. It's like one of those awful websites from the 90s came back in 48HOURS form, in regards to the "ate my balls" phenomenon.

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