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by Pigs Guts Films 400 views


Default Avatar Kate Bennett

Loved the technical quality of this film - each shot was planned, precise and beautiful - big ups to your videoman and editor! Ben's acting was flawless as always, Joe was hilarious, and the montage flicking between the chair and Ben's face (as well as the dead brother and creepy laughter) had me literally on the edge of my seat! However, I did find the storyline a little hard to follow.. But nonetheless I really enjoyed it. Good work Pigs Guts, You boys are going to go far and I'm proud to say I know you all!

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A young man keeps seeing a mysterious " Man With a Cane". Who is he? And importantly, what does he want? Pigs Guts Films return for their final bash as a school entry. They cracked the finals and took the school prize in 2013, so as usual, anticipation was high. The camera work was good - plenty of nice angles and variety. Rack focusing was also used well albeit perhaps a little too frequently. There were some effective ECUs and transitions between scenes were nicely planned. I thought the music was a bit loud at times, resulting in some of the dialogue being lost. There was a bit of tell too - most notably when our lead reads the audience a note we can clearly read for ourselves. I realise that a V/O was driving this story, but sometimes it's just not necessary. This was quite a mature, deep story, that was quite complex in its nature. Perhaps it was a little too complex as it became a little confusing. Also, at one of the most serious moments, some sections of the audience laughed, which I'm positive wasn't the intended reaction! Another good effort, lads. See you on the other side.

Some of what I enjoyed: The creepy guy in the distance had a fantastic costume. Great shooting. The dolly shot to the cane was excellent. Great work by the young man with the cane. Convincing shadow stabbing. Excellent back-and-forth between the two leads. Great work all-around.

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