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Grey Falling

by RIP Vault 151 views


Default Avatar MistaTeas

Lots of random video clips play as a man reflects on his life. (maybe!) Incarnations of The Vault have been weirding as out for few years now, and their epic "Blue Rising" is a 48 classic. So, what did Grey Falling bring us. Initially, I thought very little! However, as the focus increased on the man reflecting on his past, the video clips seemed to make more sense. The music at this end of the film seemed to work really well too and it all began to feel quite emotional. I thought I knew where it was heading and it was all going to make sense, when a familiar animated bird popped up and the audience went WTF. Always pushing it. Always different. I hope this really isn't RIP Vault.

I tried really hard to follow what was going on and struggled terribly. I am guessing that one of the guys from the video clips was the older guy looking through the window? Not quite sure if there were clues to suggest this- would have to watch it again to see.

Default Avatar Kawiti Naitoro

You guys sure know how to switch something seeming absolutely random to being something really emotional and epic. Loved the slow zoom and the music. Keep making crazy stuff.

How do I review this? It was a fun, bizarre, crazy mess which is the legacy of the Vault teams. Even though it was confusing, I loved the build-up at the end with the zoom in and all the text on screen. Good times, friends.

You told what appears to be a great back story, And I like that you kept it simple and short. You probably have in your mind the story, but the translation from story to screen is where it didnt meet. I can see you are trying to tell a story, I just didnt see it as having enough impact to care. Be keen to see what else you can deliver.

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