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Furious Filmmaking

by Hummingbird 175 views


A film about an atypical short-film maker and his race against time to meet the deadline. It's a tough genre to nail, but I couldn't help thinking that the judges would end up having to watch several films in this group that used 48 Hours as the subject material. The French guy was not fully explained, and the bit about the funeral was superfluous to the plot (I know Morgan Foster was supposed to be a lier, but it didn't really tie-in so well). This movie was served up in desaturated colour but perhaps could have made better use of contrast in post-production or shadows/lighting during the shoot itself. Was squashing the cat really necessary? I certainly think that dangerously passing in the Lyttelton Tunnel wasn't!!! Sorry, I wanted to be a bit more positive but I can't get past those two things.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A couple of 48HOUR film-makers at the pointy-end of the competition race against time and other obstacles to get their film in on time. I actually really enjoyed this given it was one of those dreaded 48HOUR films about a 48HOUR film. (and I wanted to hate it because of that!) I thought the acting from the lead male was great - especially his suddenly shift from calm director to bat-shit crazy when things started to fall apart (something I can relate to!) I felt the desaturated colour was an inspired choice and gave the film a nice edge to it. The line was used well and there was some effective use of shaky cam. Perhaps the French bits needed subtitles an the 48 seconds to go seemed like a long 48 seconds! It was pretty obvious how this one was going to end but hey, you're not the first team to do this in 2014. Funny and well-executed. Nice work!

Having lived in Lyttelton for many years, I felt your pain of the guy going 30k though I'm amazed that you had the balls to pass him in the tunnel. I have only ever dreamed of such foolishness. Good effort otherwise.

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