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A Rift In Time

by Conscious VT 640 views


Default Avatar MistaTeas

A married couple have a car accident on the way home from dinner. Fast forward to the present and we learn that the husband has survived and there was also a daughter in the family, who is potentially struggling with the loss of her mother. Also struggling is her Pop, who blames the father for the accident. Just as well that she has a time-travelling device. There are some good performances in this - Pop is particularly enjoyable and his opening exchange with his grand-daughter (also nicely acted through-out) is well-written and funny! On the flip-side there is a bit of telling from other characters "Let's hang at the park and get some pizza on the way." - yuck! The ending was nicely set up and includes a nice slo-motion sequence. A really good film, that may have been spoiled a little with some unintentional humour during the serious bits! Liked it and voted for it!

Some of what I enjoyed: I liked the playful intro. Great interaction with the youth and the older gentleman. The close up shot of the guitar being played was really cool. Good effort by the young leading lady. She did a great job. Did you guys actually drive around with lights in your eyes, filming? Haha, awesome. Cool slow-motion shot to end it. This was the first film I saw that seemed like it had finalist potential.

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