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The Cunniffe

by Fruit Salad 376 views


From what I gathered, Vic Meyer visited a Tarot Card reader with the intention of curing his woes of being unable to sleep. As each card was presented, the description was then backed up on screen eg, financial troubles. I think you needed to explain what a cunniffe is, because that appeared to be a key plot point which was lost on the audience (I talked to several people). The warm colour scheme was nice at times, but there were also a couple of tech glitches such a director sound remaining in used takes for the final film.

I liked the costumes and the interesting characters in this film, but I think the camera placement (the family in front of the bathroom mirror) and overall story coherency let it down a bit.

Default Avatar Pesticide

I lost the tread of what was going on

Default Avatar hannah

Obviously a lot of thought went into this film to make it complicated and interlocking, but I'm afraid I got a bit lost with the story in terms of when certain events were meant to have taken place in relation to the visit to the psychic. Very ambitious idea.

Default Avatar Esther

Felt that it had real potential to be going somewhere that it never quite got to. Nice original flavour that could have been built on more.

Default Avatar benlen

The soundtrack was great, and i liked how the whole thing had an strange innuendo. I wasn't too sure of what order the events were meant to be in, i didn't quite know what was happening. The ending was nice, as we finally got to see what the crime was.

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