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With Sympathy

by Rocket Boy Films 185 views


A man makes a fatal decision, which results in his death and people coming to mourn with his Wife. Each person has a motive or reaction to the situation. The wife gets fed up and tells them all to leave. Well shot, nice to watch. The music was well chosen and kept the pace going through out the whole short. Possibly required the addition of a few more establishing shots of the rooms they are in, it felt a little disorientating at times, particularly when the wife is fed up. Reunion is a tricky genre, but this was well told with some good acting and a good amount of character variety details. overall a solid entry. Good job.

Very similar style to their film last year. Intro scene was fantastic but film dragged from there. Visitors at the door got boring quickly and the blond melodramatic girl was not funny at all. Still Rocket Boy have done well to place in this heat! Well done!

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Vic can't sleep. He tries to fix this by taking some sleeping pills but consumes rat poision instead. He dies and his wife is left to deal with all the grieving relatives who visit the wake. Nicely shot, and good sound but became pretty tedious with all the relatives arriving in a very typical door opening POV sequence. Lots of talk and not much of an engaging enough story to really hold my interest.

Love the logo plate. lol @ the rat-b-dead and death. lol @ the half empty bottle of scotch and creepy dude. Nice super slow zoom/dolly. lol @ the ipod scene where the girl wasn't listening. Great time lapse with the dolly in. Great writing. Everything was solid. Great bit with the creepy mouthing "call me" while walking out. Confused by the ending, though.

An interesting idea for a reunion after the death of 'Vic' an insomniac who mistakes sleeping pills for vermin control. Funny in its self, ensure a reunion of family with a variety of characters. Unfortunatly the family and friends characters have an eclectic mix that comes across in a more serious mannor. Sound comes across well, some continuinty errors with lighting, luckly are only noticed on close inspection. Could do with some more variety to shots with a little tigher editing. You kept my attention to the end.

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