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New Horizon

by nimblegrizzly 161 views


One of my favourites of the heat and I'm stoked with your placing. Sweet idea but the film did drag a bit. Just because you can make a seven minute film doesn't mean you have to make a seven minute film. It was there but just had a lot of filler. Can't wait to see next years attempt!

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A young couple sit at the beach and watch the sun come up. Years later the same man remembers this moment and mourns for his lost wife. Nicely shot for the most part, with good use of back-lighting. However, it took a long time for anything to really happen and as mentioned above the story could have been a lot tighter. Good message in this film and a really nice ending makes it a satisfying experience for the audience.

Default Avatar LordMonocromicorn

Really bored me. I guess it cant be helped with a non dialogue movie, but the film just dragged on.

I liked the title sitting on the bench/pier thing. Nice music during the opening. I liked the shot from the camera's viewfinder... nice use of the POV. Very meta. Cool shot with the sun and the shadows in the graveyard. I didn't really pick up on the fact that they were younger and older, but it really tied together by the end. This was the most touching short I've seen in the entire competition so far. Very impressive.

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