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by Hummingbird 410 views


I'm gonna be honest, I did not get this film. The narrative was all over the place and the voiceover confused me. I don't think I was the only one who felt that way... Visually however, it looked great. They put a lot of thought into the cinematography of the whole thing which really paid off. I wish they spent more time on the script!

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Vic can't sleep...his mind is running wild and although he recalls better times he spends the majority of the film fighting his own personal, demons. This was quite a deep, serious piece which was a refreshing change. The lead actor did well in a challenging role and he was particularly convincing. There were some cool shots and the fight scenes, although rather repetitive, were well constructed...apart from one amusing bit that has an old lady watching! Classic! The film ending is played out well, so great job!

Unusual intro, but I liked it. Nice use of the building sound to build/release tension. Cool quick edits in the kitchen, and interesting colors over the dark kitchen room. Men fighting in the sewer was weird and kind of funny. Well lit, though. Nice post-production/color work/etc. Disturbing content... not really a fan of it. Not sure what to think of the end. Cool music in the closing credits.

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