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Sons of Thunder

by Brothers In Crime 512 views


I felt a little like I was under a Blitzkrieg of F-bombs in this one. Lots of special effects that dazzled and very natural and good acting by the entire cast. Interesting premise that twisted just so right at the end. I'm a little afraid to give a bad review for fear that the supporting actor will kick my ass. Great job guys!

Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

This was the first of the WTF films from this heat. It had some funny parts to it, like the guy with his rape whistle, and some of the compositing was funny, if not intentionally. The story didn't really make sense, I presume his brother who was committing the atrocities was actually him as he died by himself at the end? They look like they had fun with what they made and sometimes that's all that matters.

Default Avatar hotdogsandwich

I thought this film may have suffered a little bit from 'look what we can do!' but I think I understand where you're coming from, I love epic shit and this film ended up being fairly epic. There was some pretty dutch tilt shots which I thought were cool and the tracking shots looked really good too. Maybe a little more of the relationship between the two battling characters at the top could've helped before they started summoning their powers but I do think the actors were funny throughout and imagine it was fun to watch at the cinema.

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