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Paper Thin Walls

by Paradox Productions 200 views


Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

Three flatmates doing separate things, one hears on the radio about a murderer and suspects Vic (one of the flatmates). Meantime the other guy is expecting a booty call and has had too much to drink. He goes to get the door when he thinks his date is there and we hear crashing and see the body being dragged to the kitchen. I don't want to give away the rest of the story as I thought it was a funny end and you should watch it when it's in the screening room to find out. For next time, try establishing the scene a bit further at the start. It took a while to work out they were in the same house which made some of the story confusing, even though it was clear in the end. I did enjoy the film and look forward to next years effort.

Default Avatar laj13

This was a well acted film with genuine dark humour, and neatly tying in the story-lines. It felt slightly shorter than other entries, but this probably worked to its advantage as there was little, if any, superfluous content. Keep up the good work guys!

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