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I Just Want To Walk Through Walls.

by Toasted Wolfgang 502 views


Default Avatar UreweraJack

Best of the heat, better than ours anyway! Brilliant genre to get, drop musical and have this one every year instead, they pulled it off with aplomb, lead actor was great also.

Default Avatar grafshore

Brilliant film. all I gotta say. just amazing

Default Avatar stayhomel

thought it was very clever and just funny overall, very good acting sound and camerawork, well done.

Default Avatar dagh

nicely done. the story line was very funny acting and filming technique was great too.

Default Avatar wordcards

Absolutely hilarious with great acting/sound/camera work. Story line was really interesting and funny. Great job!

Default Avatar pellop

very funny, well executed. the acting of the was amazing, but others could work on it a little. the film was very audience friendly seemed like everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. the ghost to ghost interaction was brilliant. I think you executed the obsessive relationship part very well. I hope you do well. one of my favorites :)

Default Avatar finnhazrd

This was so genius. the filming, the dialogue the ghosts acting. It was funny and witty. followed the obsessive factor for sure. I didn't quite get the insomnia bit, didn't really show (or I just didn't pick it up) the use of shots in the short was brilliant, the main actor is very good, but the supporting roles could do with some work. the story line was very easy to follow. the only critique (if there is one) would probably be that it was very played quite safe. but with this kinda of genre I think they made it very well. Genuinely impressed with this short.

Default Avatar Goldie00

This was my stand-out favourite of the heat. Simple storyline complemented with a great script and some excellent acting. Really looking forward to how this team does. Some great camera work and good sounds.

i loved this one! a simple idea executed really well with a strong likeable lead. i didn't get where the insomnia came in, unless the ghost is the insomniac. but i hope to see this go to the finals! good job.

Default Avatar bridie

amazing. i loved the personal interview feel it had. and executed flawlessly.

Default Avatar Tim Phimester

Easily the best in the heat. Well shot/written/acted/edited. fantastic piece

Default Avatar JAM

great story, great lead actor, thoroughly enjoyed it

Default Avatar vulvatitis

Sweet little film. Glad it pushed the sweetness at times - well done the jerking-off moment!. Lead actor terrific but others could have been better - sorry. Tied things up so well at the end, driving off with the teapot, and then had a killer coda, with the ghost next door going wtf? On yer

Default Avatar maxymus

Best film in our heat definitely and sorry to see it didn't make the finals. That young guy who played the stalker ghost was awesome - give him a rising star award!

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