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by Something Something 97 views


Default Avatar Bluron

This film was a good concept. I thought it kicked off with a really strong start. The robot squirrel was hilarious. However, it did seem to drag a little in the middle. I could see where it was going, it just took a while to get there. Perhaps a different ending would have made this film stronger. The death felt like a bit of a cop out. But still, I enjoyed this short very much and so did the audience. A very good attempt at the robot/android genre.

Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

All humans are dead and the robots/androids etc hang out until Chippy (the robot squirrel) finds out his friend is actually human and not a robot and as such needs to be exterminated. Could have been tightened up with the editing to cut it down without losing anything.

Default Avatar MattressMurray

I thought this was pretty entertaining short. You guys did some good work technically and there were some nice jokes in there. It definitely dragged a bit and probably could've been edited a lot tighter. The payoff was really obvious and I was hoping you guys would do more with it than just killing the protagonist. It seemed like a cop out to just end it when it was getting interesting. And how come this guys didn't realise the implications of his discovery? Still, a pretty entertaining short. Well done!

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