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I struggled with this film but I suspect the team won't be too worried about that - they clearly set out to create this movie in a specific style and certainly succeeded. On some levels this was probably the best film of the heat. The film-making quality was really impressive from lighting to editing and music. It even made a virtue out of some of the unevenness in the acting thanks to the quirky but entirely consistent style. Its a shame I have no idea whatsoever what this film was about. I am a fan of David Lynch style - make the audience work it out - movie making. But this one gave you far too few clues to chew on. It was all icing and no cake for me.

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Three young guys live in an empty office, but Vic comes in at night and works for some reason. The guy takes care of the younger two and it has a very random nude scene on the roof. I didn't really understand the film or why they were there but it was nicely shot and the acting was fine.

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