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by Paradox Pictures 115 views


Default Avatar loneowl

Nice premise and good acting by the lead, but I felt like unsatisfied at the end after the potential that was built up. The single image of the woman was genuinely scary - nice work - but I didn't get a great sense of her presence in the room otherwise, even at the ending. Lovely setting and props, and the symphony fit brilliantly. Overall a nice effort!

Pretty damn good for a one man film. Credit to you for accomplishing this on your own. I thought the acting was great the whole way through, and your location and props were superb. One thing for me was that the ending wasn't that good. I don't like unresolved endings where the main character is suddenly killed off by electricity. I think you could have come up with a more creative ending and possibly a story with slightly more substance. Camera was great for one shot, and I love the lighting. Just one last quick word of advice: the music didn't have to be that loud, and it didn't add much atmosphere. I might have picked a different track, and definitely lowered the levels. All in all very nice though.

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