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Stickey fingers

by Before the devil knows ur dead 13 views


Default Avatar MistaTeas

[Schools] A vodka obsessed girl holds a party at her house as someone sinister candidly captures everything on their camera. Grainy found footage is accompanied by a nice on-screen camera display. There is a bit of distracting wind noise and audio echo on a few occasions. A few of the scenes just go on for too long and offer very little to the story – the repetitive meet and hug “Would you like some vodka?” scene and the dance party itself spring to mind. Amusing too that when a nice murder scene is shown the camera is left by the body showing the murderer running away – were they still supposed to have been holding the camera and running away? There is pretty good acting by the female lead but really there was not much of a story here. That said, there were some nice comedic moments and this team obviously had a lot of fun making the film as evidenced by the credits.

Default Avatar Emi

Great movie! Danielle was superb and fantastic!!

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