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Default Avatar videoamp1969

Some great camera work here at times, and the quality of your equipment look fantastic on the big screen. Nice special effects as well. I thought you were let down by a few technical elements but nothing major. Good concept. I think you guys will be ones to watch out for in the future. Keep making films guys, you will be great.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

[Schools] A young teen is chased by a young thug called George. At the moment of conflict he discovers that he possesses a magic electrical power! All is well until he is warned not to use his power by a sinister young man with similar powers! There were some early technical issues with this one with a few freezes which may or not have been the result of the render or transfer to USB. In general, however, it looked OK, although some scenes focused on the wrong subject (eg a car I think) for the whole scene instead of letting us see the actors. The eye-lines were also off in a few scenes and there was a bit too much shaky camera during the chase sequences. Also, did I see the hands of the director in shot? On the plus side the visual effects worked well, your main location was cool, you had some good fight scenes and what looked like plenty of fun making it!

Thanks for the reviews, it means a lot. We had put a lot of effort into making original music, and sadly we had some final render glitches which meant we had to abandon it. This lead to the hasty Final Render, which annoyingly had some glitches. I think the freeze at the start was because I forgot to change the bit-rate. :P Cheers, Jasper

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