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Lucky In Love?

by jk


Default Avatar MistaTeas

[Schools] The story takes place through the eyes of young lady who has been unlucky in love, as she attends a speed dating session. This one-shot was pretty well handled. It looked and sounded good, was pretty well acted and had some good touches of humour – notably the date with the Blind Guy and the slow--motion distraction of the waiter. The dad was also great as one of the surprise dates. What this film lacked was a little more variety. Once she sat down at the table the shot was essentially the same for long periods and so while the dates were interesting, visually it got rather dull. Well edited, although I did wonder about the use of lighting gels at one point where they hadn’t been used previously in the same scene. The story itself, while well executed, wasn’t especially original and it was obvious that we were going to go through a series of terrible dates before we came to the films very obvious conclusion. That said, this was probably the pick of this schools’ heat given it was a polished effort and was weell-received by the audience. Well done!

Default Avatar samjameslewis

Great film! That was soo good for a one shot!!! It must have been so annoying when someone missed their line!!! Would have been good if the camera has been moved around a bit more and maybe not always a POV shot but still awesome.

Default Avatar stagerjason

very good film for a one shot! thoroughly impressed!

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