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Captain Awesome Double Feature

by Forgotten Friends


Default Avatar MistaTeas

Captain Awesome, who gained his inspiration from the Avengers tackles crime! The President calls with a job - rescue my daughter! Later there is another job to stop Cupid Man spdreading love and happiness. There are a lot of random acts of silliness and a strange ending, before there is more film! I'm pretty sure these guys made a weird horror film last year under the team, "Big Balls Technology". This was just as WTF. There were some file issues that impacted on the visuals and a bit of quiet audio plus syncing issues. However, there were also some nice touches of humour (the boss making a phone call in the same room as where the hero is) and the use of one of the guys as a the president's daughter. The bullet effect was really sweet as well as was the heros costume. Don't ever change, you crazy guys!

Default Avatar Cranberry

This film had a few golden moments, but wasn't really my kind of humour- it seemed like they had a good time making it though! Memorable bullet guys!

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