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The Fever

by The Enlightenment Blanket 211 views


This was a very clever film that came across nicely. The storyline was nice, and it looked very much like a documentary. Well done. There were several areas where you could improve - namely lighting and sound. However, these were minor setbacks in a very clever film that came across nicely.

Default Avatar Bone in my beard

A tragi-com with Disco! Tough. Well executed, drawing me in several times, and it really did feel like a documentary at times. Shot with a relaxed hand, the obvious flaws were, well, obvious. Patchy lighting, and at times the sound op was sleep at the wheel. Too bad. TEB are a proven film-making group, Sophie picked up Best Actress a couple of years back (no chance of that this year I'm afraid) and Pete is a well known afficionado and skilled hand in front, and behind, the lens. The leading man, with his concrete-and-velvet accent, gave this film more credence and gravity than I expected, especially when the premise is so thin. Supporting actors were good, but not great. The badly lit bedroom scene could've been cut, and should have. The development of the 'disease' as it escalated from inconvenience, to irritation, to homewrecker, to homelessness was an unexpected pathway for this story to take. We were taken on this journey with thought and consideration. Well done. Towards the end of the find is a scene that really bothers me. Its when some student types harass and kicking the mans cans when he was down and out on the street. I felt this scene in particular was un-necessary and this single act of meanness spoiled the final third of the film for me. Oh that, and the tired, and rather predictable, kilted ending. (Quite aside from all that, who was the red-head in the hot pants!?) While this film was serious when it should be and flippant when it could, it didn't measure up to their previous outings. 'Coffee' remains their pinnacle and a film I know I want to see again and again...

A nice, if ultimately unsatisfying film about a man afflicted with Disco Fever, and the effect that it has on those around him. This film's premise is funny, but this film didn't develop it sufficiently for it to really draw the audience in. For the most part, it ended up really being about a guy who involuntarily throws things occasionally. It was frequently funny, but lost some momentum towards the end, as it tried to become more serious. The story didn't really have the scope necessary to make me really care about the characters. There were some nice performance, particularly by the girlfriend character, but ultimately, the premise didn't sustain the film for me. This is a very able team, and as always, I look forward to their future entries. Stay awesome, guys.

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