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Band of Bullies

by TBALC 635 views


My team’s film. Despite being incoherent and desperately unfinished, it still gave the audience a few giggles, so we must have done something right. Watch out for the Special Extended Edition, coming soon to a YouTube near you.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

We kick off with TBALC's classic production logo that never fails to get a giggle. The story here is that a former leader of a gang of bullies is trying to put his crack team back together because the nerds have taken over. His hardest task is convincing Bobby - but dammit they need him 'cos he was the best and if anyone is going to succeed in destroying the source of nerd power, namely the internet, then it's Bobby Young! Bobby finally accepts and with the team reunited they set off on their quest. Along the way they try and hone their skills, which ends badly for one bully. All seems lost, but they find the path and reach their destination. Can Bobby succeed? If he is to, then he will need to overcome his self-doubts and summon up his best bullying skills to defeat the Nerd boss! As usual with TBALC there is a lot of thoughtful story-telling and characterisation, as well as a healthy dose of humour. Some nice lines: "Violence solves everything!" springs to mind and in general the film has its usual higher level presentation. The stand-out for me was Jeff Clark in the role of Nerd Boss. His belittling of Bobby sequence was one of the best scenes in all the heats. Shame that this is not in competition this year - look forward to the finished version.

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