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What Has She Got?

by Moving Images 749 views


Wow, this kind of felt like an Asian Cinema version of 'The Room'. At times inappropriate, at times baffling, it did have a certain charm to it and the WTF nature of it kept me engaged until the end.

Default Avatar bluesuitprod

A really quirky idea and a couple of good laughs. The ending was a bit flat for the mood set by the rest of the short. But overall nicely done. :)

Default Avatar william engle

it was an entertaining movie. it made people laugh. easy to watch. enjoyable. P.S. you guys are cool.

Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

Three guys decide to get a flatmate and go for the attractive woman that applies, but is she everything she appears to be. A series of set pieces keep the film moving along and some were downright hilarious and a couple were a bit forced. Overall the funny and the occasional cringe scene came out to good effect with an amusing freeze at the end.

Default Avatar Holly Shin

I think the cast were great, each of them had different personality shown through the story. Also, I liked the successfully well-structured story, Great sound work and editing. Well done.

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