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The Dole

by LMAO Films 1,103 views


This film had some great comedy moments and told a very telling story of life on the dole, which I'm sure most film makers out there are more then familiar with. :) Lacked a solid structure but they kept the laughs coming and it easily had the best freeze frame of the night!

This loveable film about dole bludgers who suddenly get cut off and have to find a way to pay the rent was not only hilarious, but hopefully spread a message too. I love a story with a good moral, and this one seemed to scream “get off your lazy asses, you bums” which is a moral I'm always quite in favour of. We have a pretty over-the-top film here, with over-the-top acting and over-the-top characters, but it really is quite charming. Our ex bully is now some sort of pacifist monk, whom our mullet-toting dole bludgers accidentally anger by stealing his nanna's handbag. Of this I am pretty sure, because we watched the scene of her getting robbed and whacked upside the head three times. Some of the shots drag on a bit, and this is another example of a good movie that could be much better by loosing a bit of fat. Overall a good story, a funny ending though a bit weak, and a great laugh.

This was an absoloutly hillarious and unforgettable short film. Not only was it the best laugh of the night but it had a great message. o all the lazy New Zealanders on the dole to get off there lazy asses and get a job! haha. Great idea, I loved your characters and enjoyed most of the film. though i must say the blonde guy let you down with the acting, but the other guy saved the film with his unforgetable performance. You have a natural telent my friend. good stuff guys.

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Whats not to love about a couple of mullet haired guys going to great lengths to get money for rent when working would actually have been easier. Some totally over the top acting (made me think of Back of the Y) and some funny setups, like robbing granny, made this film very funny but some scenes could have easily been cut down and the film wouldn't have suffered. I also loved the John Key character, he was classic.

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