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The Cruelest Cut

by Burnt Bridges 196 views


Default Avatar Mitupela

Probably the slickest film of the heat. Great cast and great concept. Hit all the genre beats and provided some laughs along the way. Not sure if the grading or compression or something affected the quality at some points but it was very slick nonetheless.

A good film that lacked the comedy that the makers so felt it provided. The film looked good and the acting was fine, but just not enough to remove the 'Australian Castle-eqse' tone that never took-off. It became a little boring and was rather flat.

Default Avatar Gary Swenson

I liked this short, but it just wasn't all that funny. It was 'nice' and somewhat entertaining. It looked good but missed all the beats.

Default Avatar ddtddt

Very well put togeather. Enjoyable and fun

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