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Technically proficient and excellently acted. This one-room comedy maintains a fairly consistent tone and is funny in its simple observations. I thought the fight scene seemed out of place, but otherwise very enjoyable.

I can't really fault this one at all - absolutely brilliant. The reveal of the room at the beginning was great! John was played immaculately by the lead actor and featured some excellent turns from various other actors as they ventured into the restroom. There was a brilliant moment when the coke-fiend and John had some strange intimacy as the former was on the buzz. The only flaw really - and I have to agree with the earlier reviewer on this one - was that the fight scene did seem a bit strange. Then again, so was the whole film, but in a good way. I never thought I'd say it about a film set entirely in a club restroom, but the cinematography was stunning. This also got my vote for audience favourite, and although I haven't seen anything outside this heat, I would be very very surprised to not see this at least get to the city finals.

Default Avatar Jesse Jacobsen

Absolutely witty, clever and hilarious. The casting and acting worked perfectly, and the smart editing added to comedy with perfect timing. The production quality was high and the cocaine scene was a poignant high-point with excellent acting by both John and the drug user. The fight-scene was odd and perhaps a little contrived, and it seemed to drag when compared to the rest of the film. A finals contender for certain.

Loved it. Well shot, witty, good acting. The subtle inclusion of the wire and the additional genre were clever and worked well. Well done guys.

Who knew a blank stare could convey such deep emotion? Immaculate acting by John, and great acting by the shitter and the druggie. Good effort put in by the action team too. A bathroom never looked so beautiful. My fav from the screening room.

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