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This film had some amazing stunt work in the flash back sequences of it's young protagonist being bullied, which really was the highlight of the film. The quest story was a bit all over the place, and made the fatal mistake of pandering to the sponsors product in substitute of having an actual plot. Worth checking out though for the awesome dedication that the young actor in the flash back took to getting beaten up and falling down stairs - cementing this films Bobby Young as one of the ex bullies for the ages.

Default Avatar Nathan Wildman

I nice effort, great stunt work, I hope that child was okay after that dramatic stair fall! Found the plot a little strange but liked the 'inception' twist to it. Worth watching

It seems a lot of young teams were inspired by inception this year, but at least this one made some vague sense. The flashback scenes were the high point of the film, and as other reviewers have noted, the stair fall was jaw-dropping. Hope they knew what they were doing.

Found this movie a bit hard to keep up with. There was some very good camera work in places. Some of the characters needed defination, and a bit more work to aid following the movie. I thought the stunt work was well done, I felt every step all the way down and not just once.

Default Avatar Tony Sriamporn

I really enjoyed watching this one, I hope your stuntman is okay cos that looked painful! And kudos on that because it looked incredibly believable! But the idea wasn't too clear at some parts, nice effort anyway. Looking forward to what your team/stuntman has to offer next year

Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

Ok this had some really WTF moments for me. Who knew that a double down burger could send you to an alternate universe where you have to go on a quest to get a magical V can which is your only way back. Some classic overacting and some of the best stair-falling stunts I've seen for non professionals. The sound, visuals and editing could all be improved but don't let that stop you making movies. Laughed a lot during this, even if it was because I was mostly scratching my head wondering what was going on, but who cares it was a fun romp.

Default Avatar Qixote

Good stunts by young bullied kid. Reasonable plot

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