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by Rumpus Marshal 610 views


The start of the film was so very promising, the opening shot of the beach was beautiful! Whoever played the fish was brilliant. Unfortunately for me it started to drag a bit around halfway through the dance battle. Surely that scene could have been cut in half? The bollywood fish-dance at the end was inspired, but it should have ended there! Nice soundtrack though and still enjoyable overall - a difficult genre to crack.

Default Avatar Jesse Jacobsen

The film had a promising beginning, with an odd reference to a fish species and then a flailing dance on the sand. It was awkward and hilarious because of its absurdity. Unfortunately, the rest of the film lagged and it felt overly long. Had it been a couple of minutes shorter, it would have been an enjoyable gag of an attempt at a tricky genre, but shots lingered a little too long and scenes dragged. The twist/joke at the end left a smile my face.

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