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by Productive Mess 453 views


Clever use of the musical genre. Enjoyable to watch but slightly confusing at points. I don't think it helped that during the screening the last part of the film's sound didn't work. Unfortunate. EDIT: Stink to hear that it was the cinema's fault guys. Tres lame.

The idea was cool. Shame about the sound quality and that it cut out at the end.

Default Avatar choccynibble

A great idea to be portrayed through music, a pity sound cut out at the end. However the short didn't have that catchy effect that the great musical entries do. A good attempt for a tricky genre.

We got sabotaged on the sound..I've emailed management and the sound cutting out was not our fault but Academy cinemas eqipment failing. Stink as

So gutted the sound cut out!. But all in all proud of our team! Mint Effort!!!

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