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Somebody Someone Anna Canton

20 Reviews


Exhilaration X 10 Million

Endearing characters and cute story. Production values low but thoughtful story. Especially loved the toaster.

The Bully Killer

A short and sharp film, surprisingly choosing to tackle the bully issue in a serious manner. Beautifully shot with a simple soundtrack and interesting double use of 'the line'. The intro was smokin' hot and it was great to see a female director make such a strong piece of work.

Back Pay

Confusing script, clunky editing and a little boring in places. Reminded me of the Seek trolley advertisement. Could have been much better if the film was shorter.

What happened to David?

This was a sweet and enjoyable film, loved the characters and thought it was innovatively shot (especially the shootout scene). Thoughtful and engaging script too. Well done guys!

The Kids Next Door

This was a well-consider plot and thoughtful use of props. The actors, especially the old dude were delightful to watch. I think I have also learned a few ways to teach my flatmates a lesson too.

Confessions of a Killer

Gorgeous drawings, thoughtful use of genre, nice gravelly voice over. Something different and unexpected from this one-man-band and previous Ch-ch winner.

Naughty Man

Fantastic performance by a striking young boy. Nicely shot and edited. The tension and suspense was well crafted.