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The Kids Next Door

by Strang Entertainment 96,357 views


I thought this team had a really great idea behind their film and a fresh take on the revenge genre. For the most part it was shot well and showcased a really nice performance from the neighbour character. I think a much tighter edit would have made a huge improvent to the finished product, especially if it cut out some of the student flatmates banter, which felt unscripted and didn't add anything to the film. Overall, a very solid entry and went down well with the audience.

Awesome film, was very impressed, particularly with the acting of every person involved, they all felt extremely real and true-to-life. I can't decide whether or not I liked the use of Bobby being an ex bully(a throw-away line during his revenge set up where Bobby mentions to himself that he used to be a bully in school). It was original but at the same time felt a little desperate. But it was still very enjoyable to watch, and I hope that I can make films like this one day.

This was a well-consider plot and thoughtful use of props. The actors, especially the old dude were delightful to watch. I think I have also learned a few ways to teach my flatmates a lesson too.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

An elderly gent watches nervously as a group of students move in next door. His fears are realised when they have loud parties and make a mess outside his place. He tries to talk nicely to them so that they will fix things up, but those pesky students just won't listen. Time for a bit of old style payback! Last year this team made the finals with their multi-camera, four way perspective ghost story. This production was certainly a lot simpler but certainly well made, despite a few audio variances. The story is straight-forward and the elderly neighbour is pretty good in his role. The other acting is a bit wooden until they return home and face the consequences. Nice set-up here and although the old guy is chuffed at his success, isn't he still being disturbed by his neighbours with all the noise they're making, and just how are his actions likely to deter them in the future? Good fun though - nice job once again!

Default Avatar Darmac54

Really enjoyed this film, like the way the next door neighbour got his revenge (go marbles) certainly can see he has done this before.

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