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Naughty Man

by SuspectTV 1,952 views


Default Avatar Bigbadrobbo

Very well made horror. Good work with the leading man too!

FINALLY! a horror film with some actual suspense! Good idea to have the kid in it? Brilliant idea I say! Worked great with the concept. Slick camera work and well paced edit too. Nice work Daniel, Andy and the team.

"Naughty Man" was badass. Well done guys. My only real criticisms are that the bent piece of wire was extraordinarily out of place and unexplained, and that the lead characters beard detracted from his character completely... It's nothing against this individual with a beard, but his character (portrayed as your average, stereotypical suburban parent) probably shouldn't have had a brutal spartan beard. Other than that though, the acting was great, and I loved the phrase "naughty man", it made it really disturbing.

Fantastic performance by a striking young boy. Nicely shot and edited. The tension and suspense was well crafted.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Firstly, a very funny, and clever pisstake of the Dreamworks logo for the Suspect TV team. Loved it! So, at a dinner party a young boy gets up because he needs to go to the potty. He asks his dad to take him because the toilet is scary as a bad man is in the bowl. It seems the bad man is mean Uncle Bobby who we learn drowned some years ago. He was obviusoly a bit of a shit because he's in the toilet and out to get the family! This was very well made, with convincing acting and nice camera-work. It had the audience hooked with its mix of humour and tension and while predictable in it's conclusion it was none-the-less very effective. I'm still undecided whether it ended a bit prematurely but you probably got all you could have out of your talented young man.

Default Avatar vault502

[Watched this at the Christchurch Finals] I will write a more comprehensive review once it is up in the screening room. This film was good, it combined flawless elements of production such as cinematography, sound, and editing (all well executed) with that magic element that a film/play needs to be memorable and great. In Hamlet it was the monologue "To be or not to be" , in Independence Day it was Will Smith, in Saving Private Ryan it was the cinematography, and in "Naughty Man" it was I believe, the combination of the Spartan beard and a cute kid. One detractor noted that the beard didn't portray a suburban dad very well, however I believe that the beard is part of what makes this movie great. Imagine it without it? It would be like "aww that sweet movie with the dad and the kid... what was it called? I can't remember because it fits perfectly into my stereotypical brain patterns." However with the spartan beard our brain is fried, it doesn't know what do to, so it imprints the film in our memories like a scalding knife in hot butter produced straight from the udder of the prize cow. But that's not all, there is also extremely deep random juxtaposition, and oxymoron(ing?) going on. The stimulation of creativity is rampant in this film when the goal/problem (the cute kid scared of the toilet) is confronted with a "randomly selected object or concept" , in this case, the spartan beard. Combine with this the symbolism of strength garnered from the big strong dad with Achilles beard (a sign of manlyness) contrasting the puny little boy in all his cute wonder, and you have "Naughty Man". If more films had "spartan beards", more films would be awesome.

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