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Hot Knights: The Bob, Rob Medieval Bod Swap

What everyone else said and more. Saw this in the screening room, and absolutely loved it. Have to now go and watch everything else these guys made. Congrats.

The Row

Two cops take two prisoners to prison in the car, singing all the way. Pro's - Nice looking car. Con's - I don't really want to say too much about this one - let's just say musicals are a bitch. Overall - According to SWT this was very polished technically, and I'll take his or her word on that. Sorry to say it didn't work for me.


Cop invents new wire based toy - seeks fame and fortune via patents office. Pro's - All in all a very polished film. The acting and script were good, very good. What a coup to get the usually camera shy Mayor of Invercargill in the movie. Nice freeze frame ending. Cons - If I’m being picky (and I am), the use of Bobby Young was incidental to the story.