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Somebody Someone woolyman

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Agent Scott: Licence to Love

This film had a great awkward script. Licence to Love! What a great idea. You had poor sound and boring camera angle, but that wasn't too much of a problem. You had bad lighting in the inside scenes, but otherwise it was a solid film.

The Timekeeper

Very nice take on the fantasy genre and a good way to incorporate it into the modern setting instead of trying to stick it in a bad fantasy world. Your time freeze effect was cool, but not quite as nice as time freeze's last year sorry. I really liked your ideas, but I feel it was let down by a flat script and bad acting. Overall though great take on the fantasy genre.

Chastity Kills Men

For an erotic thriller you guys filled all of the criteria. It was a creepy film and had weird undertones. Your cinematography was top notch, although your acting wasn't the greatest. However the tone of the film was great and the slow tension really worked for you.

One Brick, Two Brick

Wasn't exactly an action movie, but that can be easily overlooked. The rhyming was very good and the twist was very nice at the end. Your cinematography was lovely, but I think it was let down by the projection gear. Nevertheless it looked lovely and was a neat little tale.

Mitchell Henderson

I loved the concept behind this short film. The Security footage helped reinforce this and added to the story. The cinematography was great and the acting was believable. I enjoyed all the separate character traits. Congratulations. A great film, with a clever idea and use of genre

Twin Dragonfist: The Fistening

I'm hoping this was a parody, because it was a damn funny one. The cheesy fight scenes and plot device coupled with some epic ninja moves made an impressive combo. The epic music was pretty awesome and your many people fight scene was great. Your acting and story weren't the best and although it added to the parody feel I'm not sure that was purposeful. Great Film. Made me laugh


Your film had an astounding amount of style. Your slow mo wasn't the most original use, but worked awesomely. I won't judge you technically due to some set-up problems, but audio was a bit fuzzy and there was quite a bit of noise in the picture. Once again might have just been the screen. I liked the end twist, although predictable it was very smoothly executed.