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The Timekeeper

by Jabba the Cut


A fairly basic fantasy adventure, based around time stopped. The story was quite simple, but also conformed well to the fantasy genre. Nice shots, and sound. Good work on how the stop in time was shown, it worked well. Also good opening with the chase scene.

Default Avatar loneowl

Nice take on the genre, and some nice acting to create some classic fantasy adventure characters - especially liked the old man. Visually the film was really good, some great shots of time slowing down to a stop, and the leaves flying through the air. Good location in the park helped. I think the story needed more development, as I wasn't really sure what was so bad about the bad guy stopping time. It worked enough to make a nice little film though. Quite tacky use of the line at the end wasn't the best...

Very nice take on the fantasy genre and a good way to incorporate it into the modern setting instead of trying to stick it in a bad fantasy world. Your time freeze effect was cool, but not quite as nice as time freeze's last year sorry. I really liked your ideas, but I feel it was let down by a flat script and bad acting. Overall though great take on the fantasy genre.

Loved the concept guys. Absolutely perfect idea for fantasy adventure! Humour was great too. But while we're on the topic of the story, why was there so little? For me this film lacked the "quest" bit of a film where the characters are struggling for something. It established the characters and ideas perfectly, and then went straight to the conclusion. Still a good film though, so nice job.

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