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Chastity Kills Men

by Hoods Up Knives Out 2,375 views


A fairly creepy erotic thriller, and I suppose that was to be expected - not that that's a bad thing. Sadomasochist themes made it slightly odd to watch, but also rather funny. Nice shots, sound was many okay, but had some peaking. Overall a good - if strange - film.

For an erotic thriller you guys filled all of the criteria. It was a creepy film and had weird undertones. Your cinematography was top notch, although your acting wasn't the greatest. However the tone of the film was great and the slow tension really worked for you.

Default Avatar loneowl

Nailed the genre - a good amount of suspense and sexual tension, let down by being a bit predictable, as there was no twist and a fairly weak "nemesis" for the femme fatale. The actors suited the roles well, but could've done more to convey the emotions of the film. One of the best film titles I've ever seen!

Just about the only Dunedin team to pick erotic thriller over superhero movie. So Kudos for having the courage to do that. I was pretty happy with the technical aspects of your film. Crisp sound, good lighting, and nice camera. The concept wasn't that great though, and I do sympathise, it's hard to come up with a good erotic thriller, but I felt the concept just wasn't clever, it was too predictable. With erotic thriller I would have expected to see more humour too. Not that the lack of it was a bad thing, but humour might be a method to add more cleverness into your film. Worth thinking about for the future, but nice film.

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