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Somebody Someone snapdragon

9 Reviews


Morgan and The Moustache

Although it had a few audio issues (as mentioned above), I enjoyed this one. The plot was solid and it kept me interested, even if the story-telling needed a bit of work. But I loved the way it ended. In general, nice film. Good work.


It's always awesome seeing animations coming through, and I have huge respect for the teams that take on such a challenge. It did feel too short, I was just getting into the story when it ended. But being an animation, it's understandable that the length has to suffer. In general, very nicely done.


Absolutely top notch acting and cinematography. The story was a bit lost on me, but that's just me. Otherwise an entertaining and very well edited short film.

Tinfoil Hat

Some really nice, well thought-out shots. The story was entertaining and kept me watching. And the acting was solid. A few tech issues though - the dialog audio was a bit low in comparison to the music, which caused me to miss more than a few words. And I noticed a few jump cuts and some out of sync audio. Not sure if the jump cuts were the style you were going for, but they distracted me. But in general, great effort and well done!

The Specialist

A well done musical. Cool film with some funny lyrics and well chosen music. Love the main characters accent. Good match cut too, one of the few that was done well in this heat.


This one actually had me on the edge of the seat trying to figure out what was coming next. Very well done horror flick with a brilliant ending and some great suspense throughout. A few audio issues but we've all done it. Otherwise, good job.

A Bad Goodbye

Very enjoyable film. I think this got the most laughs of any film in this heat. Very funny. Nice story, well shot. I'd say it's a contender for regional finals.