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by Elysium Exit 92 views


The cinematography and performances here were stunning - so captivating and engaging - and that worked as a great way to draw the audience into what was a pretty gruesome topic. Not sure how well it fills in the genre box though as film within a film but as a stand alone this film did what film should do and tell a story that has the audience thinking and feeling at the same time.

Absolutely top notch acting and cinematography. The story was a bit lost on me, but that's just me. Otherwise an entertaining and very well edited short film.

I was very very confused as to how this fitted in with the genre. Absolutely impressive film however.

Rapey.... nuff said,,,,,

Agreed that I wouldn't consider this film within a film. The feeling created was intense and I got what was going on as soon as we saw the little girl holding the dolls. I did feel that the scenes were taken a little too far though. Beautifully shot. I thought the music you used was terrific. Was this made for the weekend? It may have also been good to have a disclaimer at the start about the sensation of flashing lights within the film as I know a few people who were there got affected by headaches, and could trigger seizures.

Default Avatar Turqoise

I really loved the filming in this one! The story as a whole was pretty creepy/scary!! It was really good to see (what I believe was) an abstract conceptualisation of the genre with the little girl looking through an imaginary video camera near the beginning.

Default Avatar bonkers

hauntingly fantastic film. I was totally captivated and cannot get that final shot out of my head. Contrary to what others have said, i dont think you took it too far, or if you did that is what made it soo great. You were robbed of first place! I would love to see how you guys work during this big weekend. Well done :D

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